MokerLink Rack Mount Kit for 17.3 inch Wide Switches, Adjustable Hole Distance 14-29mm, 0.5-1.14inch, Compatible for Some Cisco, NETGEAR, Dell, D-Link, Linksys, HP, TRENDnet, Buffalo Tech Products

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Pay Attention The screw hole spacing of the mounting ears is 14-29mm, 0.5-1.14 inches which can be compatible with product models with corresponding screw hole spacing on the switch. If they are inconsistent, they are not compatible. Compatible with NETGEAR ProSAFE Switches: FS726T, FS726TP, FS726Tv2 FS728TLP, FS728TP, FS728TPv1, FS728TPv2, FS728TS FS750T2, FS752TP, FS752TPS, FS752TS FSM7226P, FSM7226RS, FSM726E, FSM726v2, FSM726v3 FSM7250P, FSM7250RS, FSM7326P, FSM7326PS, FSM7326S, FSM7328PS, FSM7328S, FSM7352SGS348, GS418TPP, GS716Tv2, GS716Tv3 GS724AT, GS724T (not v1), GS724Tv2, GS724Tv3, GS724Tv4, GS724TP, GS724TPS, GS724TR, GS724TS GS728TP, GS728TPv2, GS728TPP, GS728TPPv2, GS728TPS, GS728TPS(B), GS728TS, GS728TS(B), GS728TXSGS748AT, GS748T, GS748Tv1, GS748Tv2, GS748Tv3, GS748Tv4, GS748Tv5, GS748TP (Blue), GS748TR, GS748TSGS750E, GS752TP, GS752TPv2, GS752TPS, GS752TPS(B), GS752TS, GS752TS(B), GS752TXS GSM4210P,GSM4328PA/GSM4328PB, GSM4328S,GSM4352S(M4300-52G), GSM7212 (M4100-12G), GSM7212F (M4100-12GF), GSM7212P GSM7226LP, GSM7248, GSM7248v1, GSM7248v2 (M4100-50G), GSM7248P, GSM7248R,GSM7312 JGSM7224,XS708E, XS708Ev2,XS712T,XS716E,XS724EM Compatible with Cisco Switches:SG300-52Compatible with D-Link Switches:DGS-1248T, DGS-1500-28P, DGS-3048, DGS-3100-48Compatible with Dell PowerConnect Switches:2748, 2848, 3048, 3424, 3448, 3524, 3548, 5324, 5424, 5448Compatible with Linksys Switches:SLM2024Compatible with Buffalo Tech Switches:BS-GS2024, BS-GS2024P, BS-GS2048Compatible with TRENDnet Switches:TEG-448WSCompatible with Some HP ProCurve/Aruba/OfficeConnect/HPE SeriesOther Switches:Please test the size of the switch and compare it with the size of the kit in the main picture 2. Only when they are consistent can they be compatible.