XSKN Final Cut Pro Shortcut Keyboard Cover Skin for 2021 Released iMac M1 Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad Keyboard Accessories Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad A2520 EU&US Layout

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Product Details: ?Item type?-keyboard cover skin/protector ?Product material? -silicone material ?Keyboard design?-QWERTY character layout shortcuts design in English ?Product protection? -Upper side adopted rubber coating, gives you a comfortable soft touch feeling and protect the keyboard cover from losing color; -lower side is shiny surface, make the keyboard cover fit perfectly on your keyboard without any sticker/glue Product Features: -Clean by placing in boiling water or washing with soapy water -Strong and durable -Easy to apply -Fits every contour of your keyboard -Reduces the sound from typing -Unique thinness gives excellent feel Know your keyboard version:Model Guide for Macbook: Turn your laptop upside down,underneath, locate the Model Number in small print that start with "A****" EU version--- the "Enter/Return" key looks like numeral "7", please choose "US & EU version" US version--- the "Enter/Return" key is a horizontal wide bar, please choose "US version" (US&EU version works too) Special notes: -XSKN assure every product provided with excellent quality -Affected by daylight, product color may look slightly different under camera -Camera's Focus Mode will make focused part preety clear and unfocused part fuzzy, but real product will be nice and clear Package Content:- 1 x XSKN silicone keyboard cover