Komitasui Studio 2 Charging Port Replacement for Beats Studio 2 Charging Port, Studio 2 B501 Wireless Charging Port, Micro USB Charging Port incl Tools

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Product description?PERFECT QUALITY?:100% high cost performance and perfect quality Wireless Charging Port replacement for Bests Studio 2.0 Wireless headphones,the functions are the same as the original one.?COMPATIBILITY?:Compatible with Studio 2.0 Wireless headphones,and please notice that it can not compatible with Beat Studio 2.0 wired headphones.How to repair:Step 1: Get Crowbar,Screwdriver (package included in)Step 2: Use a crowbar to pry the headphone cover adhesive tape.Step 3: Use a screwdriver to remove the 7 screws on the earphone shell.Step 4: Remove the broken Headphone charging board from the Beats Studio 2 Wireless Headphone.Step 5: Get the new Headphone charging board and use soldering iron to solder firmly.Step 6: Install the shell and screws.Step 7: Install back the headphone cover.Step 8: Now get back to jamming out.