Malarpon Hdmi Edid Emulator Passthrough 3rd Generrtion Aluminum fit Headlesskeep The EDID of The Monitor Active Switches and Extenders 3840x2160@59Hz 3P

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How to Fix PS5 120Hz Not Showing with EDID Emulator?Step1:Select Performance Mode&Disable HDCP.Step2:Rest on Resolution option.Plug the Edid emulator to PS5.If the screen is black,press X----press down?or up?----press X.This is a blind operation to adjust the resolution to 1080P.done.Q:Does this emulator support 3840x2160@60hz with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling? is 18gbps hdmi supported?A: using this to maintain 4k 60Hz for my computers color card. It does not allow HDR which is bad since set has 10 bit and Dolby VisionQ:Will this help me connect remotely to my computer when my monitor is turned off? (Sort of like a dummy plug?)A:if you're unsure how this device works it works by keeping you're screen enabled in windows instead of disabling it?Q:How fixed are the resolutions supported? Will it support 2560x1600?A:It supports up to 4k, so yeah 2560x1600 should be supported. Be sure 2560x1440 is supported for sure since that's what monitors use, but I am pretty sure 2560x1600 works tooColor:HDMI EDID 4K-1PSupported resolutions:3840 x 2160@60Hz(with HDMI2.0) ??????????????2560x1440@60Hz1920x1200@60Hz1920x1080@60Hz1680x1050@60Hz1600x1200@60Hz1600x900@60Hz1440 x 900@60Hz1366 x768@60Hz1280x800@60Hz1280x720@60Hz1024x768@60Hz800x600@60HzlProduct Dimensions?1.61*0.83*0.43mmlItem Weight?0.8 Oz