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Happy Balls 60% Keycaps Side Printed PBT Keycap Set 60 Percent SeMi Profile Thick Cherry MX Key Caps with Key Puller for US-ANSI Layout 61 68 60% MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard(Blue Gray Combo)

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Note:   This is only keycaps, no keyboard included. This 60% keycaps set fit most standard US Layout 61 68 60% mx switches mechanical keyboards. But different brands maybe have different layout, so some keys may have different sizes. If you are not sure about the keycaps size of your keyboard, you can confirm with us. About SeMi Profile:  the SeMi profile is lower than OEM profile, and higher than cherry profile, so the feel will be better, especially when you gaming. Description:  ? The main material of this keycap set is PBT; ? The height is Semi profile,the thickness is about 1.5mm; ? This 60% keyset fit most Standard US layout 61 68 60% mx switches mechanical keyboards. 61 Keycaps Size and Height(First layer): ? Tab: 1.5u, R3; ? Caps Lock: 1.75u, R2; ? Left Shift: 2.25u, R1; ? Ctrl,Win,Alt,Menu: 1.25u, R1; ? Spacebar: 6.25u, R1; ? Right Shift: 2.75u, R1; ? Enter: 2.25u, R2; ? Backspace: 2u, R4; ? Vertical line: 1.5u, R3; ? The size of other letters are 1u, the height of the letter is the same as the first keycap in the row of the letter .  16 Keycaps Size and Height(Second layer): ? Right Shift: 1.75u, R1; ? Ctrl,Fn,Alt: 1u, R1; ? PgDn: 1u, R1; ? PgUp: 1u, R2; ? Del: 1u, R3; ? ~: 1u, R4; If some keycaps are broken or missing when you receive the keyset, you can tell us , we will send these keycaps to you in time.