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Gaming RGB Desktop USB Microphone Voice Recording Speech Recognition Streaming Description: The microphone's main features are its stunning sound quality and how it records perfectly your voice without background noise. It will provide you with the best sound quality. You don't have to spend a lot for a top-tier microphone: you have one right here for you. Simply plug it to your device, you're all set up. Your new microphone is plug & play, compatible with all the existing operating systems and brands. If you have a clean and professional workspace, its fined features will blend in perfectly. On the contrary, if you prefer a lively station, you can turn on the lights of your microphone and enjoy its stylish RGB. This is truly a microphone for both gamers and professionals. Features: You want your interlocutor to hear you loud and clear. You want your voice to be perfectly transmitted without background noise. That's what the ideal microphone does. The Microphone makes no compromise and offers you stunning sound quality. It has a stable and durable base so you won't need a bulky mic stand. You only have to plug the USB cable into your computer to use it! No extra PC accessories and no extra software to be installed: you can enjoy it right away. It comes with mute, volume and lights buttons for total control. It is a computer microphone compatible with every operating system - Mac OS X Windows Linux - and all brands (Apple, Asus, HP...), it also works on PS4! Thanks to its elegant design, the microphone will fit in with any setup but if you want to add a touch of class, just turn on its harmonious RGB lights! This makes it a great choice to complement other gaming accessories. You might also be worried that such a promising professional and gaming microphone could break in 6 months. It shall not happen: the USB mic has been built with the highest