Capshi HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable, DVI to HDMI Adapter for Monitor Bi-Directional Sturdy Nylon Braid Cable, Support 1080P DVI-D to HDMI Cable Male to Male High-Speed Gold-Plated for PS4, PS3, 15FT

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Capshi cables are designed and built using only premium materials to ensure product performance. 1. Capshi HDMI to DVI adapter cables allow you to connect HDMI-equipped devices like Blu-Ray players, PlayStation 3s to a DVI-equipped monitor or TV--or the other way around. 2. The industry standard for transmitting uncompressed digital data, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables provide video, especially at high resolutions, and render small, high-contrast details, such as text, in high quality. Capshi HDMI to DVI adapter cables meet the latest HDMI standard, and support the wide-angle theatrical 21:9 video aspect ratio. 3. Capshi HDMI to DVI-D cable provide the ultimate link for connecting from an HDMI equipped source to a monitor with DVI input. They can also connect a computer with DVI to an HDTV or to a monitor with HDMI input. 4. Thanks to their foil-and-braid PVC shielding, SPTE foil ring welding process DVI connectors, and ring welding in their copper HDMI connectors, Capshi cables deliver a superior signal. With these cables, you will experience enhanced product performance free of any mirroring effect, flickering, or other display issues. With Capshi’s multiple tin-plated copper conductors’ excellent conductivity, you can look forward to years of superb video and sound quality. 5. Gold-plated, anti-oxidation, and anti-rust copper DVI and HDMI connectors enhance durability. As a result, these cables can be plugged in and unplugged more than 10,000 times! Their thicker, premium PVC jackets enhance durability while also providing extreme flexibility. You can look forward to years of service under heavy usage.