OLLGEN USB Foot Pedal Mechanical Switch Control One Key Program Computer Keyboard Mouse String Game Macro MIDI Cotroller Action HID (Single Pedal)

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The USB foot switch is substitute for and assign a single keyboard function, shortcut key, hotkey, or combined key of medical facility, mouse click ,String ,multimedia, game,zoom etc and also good for foot control of dictation programs or other Macro MIDI Function and transcription work. It has a virtual keyboard within the software keyboard program ,you can quit in use any time MIDI has three functions: Musical note command function Click the musical note to select the corresponding melody Different types of musical instruments can be switched at the upper right corner Click to select the range of intensity, and the greater the number is, the greater the intensity is.Click Save, and then the software can send out the corresponding melody with the help of relevant music software. CC Command Function The CC instruction is a continuous parameter control instruction, and the control object is generally a continuous change, such as volume or wow. tone, or it can be an on/off state, such as a module switch. PC Command Function The PC instruction is a tone switch instruction, which can be set to a number from 0 to 127. When the receiving device receives this number, it will switch the current tone to the corresponding tone. Specification: Model: FS2017U1SW_M Material: Plastic USB: 5V@10mA Size: 113*93*42mm / 4.4 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches Weight: about 166g Switch Type: mechanical contact switch Software Installation 1. Download software from use manual "FootSwitch7.0.5" or newest software 2. Plug the USB Foot Pedal to your computer 3. Install and Running software "FootSwitchV7.05 " 4. Select what you want the foot pedal to do from the list of available options. Once you have programmed the foot pedal,it will work in all programs as you programmed it. 5. Setting completed and click "Save" button