Cablecc USB 3.1 Front Panel Socket Key-B Type-E to USB 3.0 20Pin Header Male Extension Adapter for Motherboard

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Your connector must be White color Socket Key-B Type-E, otherwise not work. (Black Socket Key-A Type-E not work) USB 3.1 Front Panel Socket to USB 3.0 20Pin Header Male Extension Adapter for Motherboard Connector1: USB 3.0 Front Panel Socket Connector2: USB 3.1 Front Panel Header Socket B (White connector) The adapter is a converter to convert the available USB 3.0 header of a motherboard into a USB 3.1 header. Thus the USB 3.1 port of a housing can also be supplied with USB 3.1 without a suitable mainboard. The compact adapter can be inserted directly and requires no additional attachments. Converter plug-in for the mainboard Fits into any USB 3.0 header Bundling in USB 3.1 with up to 5 GBit / s Convenient accessory for case with USB 3.1 connector Even the most up-to-date motherboards with AMD AM4 or Intel 2066 sockets are not always equipped with a USB 3.1 header. The adapter is the perfect solution to use the USB 3.1 connectors with Type-C Socket Key-B or Type-A. The small converter is plugged into a USB 3.0 header that provides two USB 3.0 lanes. The converter thus provides a full-fledged USB 3.1 port.