Simply45 8.5mm Strain Reliefs Shielded External Ground for Pass-Through and Standard RJ45-100-Pieces, Clear Tint, Resealable Bag - S45-B003

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S45-B003Protect your Simply45 RJ45 STP modular plug with Shielded External Ground Snagless Strain Reliefs. This pack includes 100 snagless strain reliefs, which are designed to work with Simply45 Shielded External Ground RJ45 modular plugs. They help prolong the life of a plug by reducing the strain on it, which could otherwise loosen contact pins and negatively impact performance. It is recommended for large shielded LAN cables measuring up to 0.33" in diameter and can be trimmed to fit into tight installations. The S45-B003 takes the strain off the terminated plug. When you do not use a strain relief, any contact with the plug or cable puts strain directly on the terminated plug. Over time this could cause one or more of the RJ45 pins to become loose. If a pin becomes loose it will create electrical resistance. Resistance creates heat. This could then cause performance problems or damage to the device socket. No need to spill RJ45 mod plugs out of the bag just to reach them. The S45-B003 strain reliefs bag packaging stands up and can remain open so that you can easily reach in and remove the strain reliefs.