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R-Go Tools Basic Ergonomic Travel Set - Ergonomic Keyboard (QWERTY (US)) Ergonomic Mouse, (Wired/Windows, Linux), Laptop Stand, Black

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HEALTHY COMPUTER MOUSING AND KEYBOARDING USING THE HE Ergonomic MOUSE AND Compact KEYBOARD. 100% COMFORT. The mouse fits comfortably in your hand and supports your wrist and fingers. It provides a comfortable user experience for internet surfers, gamers, and people who work at length with the computer. This keyboard offers all the ergonomic features you need to type in a healthy way. Its compact design ensures that while using both the keyboard and mouse, your hands always remain within shoulder width. The two components can be placed in any desired position. This unique design prevents reaching with the arm and ensures a natural and relaxed position of the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Thanks to the light keystroke, there is a minimal amount of muscle tension while typing. The thin design ensures a relaxed, flat position of the hands and wrists while typing. The keyboard is lightweight and it easily fits into any laptop bag. Did you know that your neck muscles constantly have to lift your head in a bent posture? With the chin on your chest, the force on your neck will soon be 27 kilos! And it is precisely this curved posture that is common in laptop and tablet use. Research has shown that mobile devices pose a greater health risk than the use of a fixed PC. For example, a laptop cannot be adapted to the user: the keyboard is attached to the screen and the mouse control is unfavorable. With more than 2 hours of laptop use per day, the risk of complaints already increases considerably. In order to be able to work healthily with your laptop, Chromebook or tablet, we have developed ergonomic mobile device raisers. These raisers/laptop stands easily bring your screen to eye level. This way your head is in a natural position and the tension in your neck and shoulder muscles is reduced. Don’t forget to use a separate keyboard and mouse.