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50 Pack Ritek Pro (Professional Grade) DVD-R 16X 4.7GB AZO Dye (MID MXL RG04) Watershield Water Resistant Glossy White Inkjet Hub Printable Blank Recordable Disc

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Features:Ritek Pro Glossy Printable discs are manufactured using the most advanced processes and materials. Allowing for high-definition photos to be stored with and retain vivid detail and color saturation. Each disc has been specially enhanced for greater water-resistance while the print surface has a superior ink absorbent and quick drying property avoiding deterioration due to humid environments. With these quality-of-life features, Ritek Pro Glossy Printable discs are the perfect storage solution.Key Benefits: -- Japanese Media Identification (MID -- MXL RG04). Ritek Pro DVD-R is a professional grade DVD-R media, manufactured using Premium Japanese Materials and Technology, achieving lowest error rates and ensuring smooth operations with very few rejects, the performance professionals expect. -- Ritek Pro DVD-R media is manufactured using AZO Dye Recording Layer, which provides the highest level of read/write performance, reliability and archival lifespan. -- There is no worrying about smudged labels as these discs has been proven to be smudge-proof and resist water. -- Wider Printing Range: 23 - 118mm. Ritek Pro printing technology allows a maximum wider printing range area as opposed to other brands whose printing area ranges only from 26-118mm. -- Excellent Compatibility. Ritek Pro has excellent drive compatibility with all video players and most popular recording drives worldwide. -- Long Archival Life. Guaranteed archival life of more than 60 years. Ritek Pro cutting-edge technology is built to ensure maximum security, longevity and protection for stored-sensitive-data. EMR (Electronic Medical Records) replace tedious paper printing with secure, encrypted and personalized CDs or DVDs. Ritek Pro premium grade represents a solution for healthcare professionals, capable of archiving a patient's entire medical history and avoiding the risk of data loss, which is important in today's world rapid evolution of EMR technology.