CERRXIAN 6.5ft 100W PD USB Type C Male Input to DC 7.9 x 5.5mm Male Power Charging Cable for Compatible with Lenovo Thinkpad T400 T410 T420 T420s T500 T520 T530 E545 T61 X140e X230(7955-100W)

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IMPORTANT:1.This PD charging cable must use a PD (USB-C interface) 100w or less power adapter.Power shortage will cause charging failure.2.Please use the PD charging wall charger corresponding to the wattage of your laptop. This charging cable is compatible with power supply below 100w. Excessive power will cause overload.3.Please note the Type-C charger power must be over than the output end.4.Only for Charging, not Syncing data.Designed to charge notebooks for Lenovo Laptop with DC 7.9mm x 5.5mm port. Using a 100W PD wall charger outlet with USB-C port.1.Built-in a Emark smart chip,automatically adjust current,provides reliable conductivity and stable charging current.2.Input: Type-C Male3. Output:DC 7.9mm x 5.5mm Male4.Cable Material: PVC & tin-plated copper5.Cable length: 2m/6.5ft5.Support USB Power Delivery:Up to 100W 20V@5A capability.Suports 100W 90W 65W 45W,etc power delivery PD rapid charging.6.Weight: The friendly design of the USB-C to dc 7.9mm x 5.5mm PD cable effectively helps you get rid of heavy high-power charging blocks.To save weight on trips to/from office where you need charging laptops,this saved you from having to carry heavy power bricks. 7.Compatible model:65wCompatible with?Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 019929U 01994JU 030245U 0578-47B 0578F7U 11 13 0196; Edge 14 0199, 0578, 0579; Edge 15 0301, 0302, 0319; E220S 5038; E420 1141; E425; E420S 4401; E430 3254, 6271; E430c 3365; E520 1143; E525 1200; E530 3259, 6272; E530c 3366; E535 3260; E545 20B2 Lenovo ThinkPad B490; B590 5935, 5936, 5941; R400 7440; R61 7733; R61i 7650, 7732; S230u 20C4, 3347, 5933; SL300; SL400; SL410 2842; SL500; SL510 2847 Lenovo ThinkPad L: L410; L412 0553, 0585, 4403, 4404; L420 7827, 7854, 7856; L421; L430 2465, 2466; L510; L512 2597, 2598, 4444, 4447; L520 7860; L530 Lenovo ThinkPad T: T410si; T420i; T430u 3351, 3352, 6273, 8614; T510i; T520 4239, 4240, 4242, 4243