Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 60 ft White Computer LAN Cable Flat RJ45 high Speed Internet Patch Cable Ethernet Cord with Cable Clips for modems (White, 60FT)

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Core:The CAT 6 ethernet cable is an eight core twisted pair structure. It also adds a visible cross frame for insulation. It can isolate four pairs of twisted pairs and rotate angle with the change of length. It can keep the relative position of four pairs of twisted pairs and reduce the signal crosstalk and return loss in the transmission process. Moreover, the diameter of category 6 wire is thicker, the signal transmission speed is faster, and the transmission frequency is as high as 250MHz !External quilt:Durable is a good network cable. The outer cover is made of high-quality environmental protection PVC material, which has certain wear resistance, oil resistance, can improve the service life of wire rod, and the thread body is soft. At the same time, there are many colors to choose from. Gorgeous colors enrich life. Start from Shanze! Round thread can be used everyday, flat thread can easily drill through the door gap, and there is no need to worry about drilling holes in the wall any more.Crystal head:Our CAT 6 ethernet cables are made of high-quality Trident chips, and the contacts are gold-plated. They are wear-resistant and oxidation-resistant to ensure long-term high-speed and stable transmission of signals. They are also equipped with dust-proof protective cover to protect crystal head from external force damage, dust-proof and moisture-proof, and prevent copper corrosion, so as to give you more intimate service.Transmission speed:After our personal test, we found that the maximum access speed of the six types of network cables is 91.2mb/s, equivalent to 500m-1000m broadband. The signal has no attenuation, the download is faster, the game is not card, and the play is more fluent!