M5Stack Gray Kit 240 MHz Dual Core ESP32 Development Stackable Kit 16 MB Flash Built-in MPU9250, Integrated 520 KB SRAM Supported Ar duino, Blockly Language with UIFlow, Micropython

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ESP32 Development Board Kit Wifi Bluetooth Expandable Compatible with Built-in MPU9250 with Ar duino ESP32 M5StackDescription:A palm-sized device, office can be used as a recording pen and timer; out as a GPS recorder can be used; at home can be used as a smoke alarm, camera;This is a new upgrade version which has built-in MPU9250.Connect several lines, but also do small toys;In addition, it can also be used for industrial control, hotel panel, aluminum cutting machine, door lock system.This set of high degree of completion and scalability in one of the black technology products is M5Stack.Download the code here:; More details of this product: M5Stack ESP32 development kit has been successfully certified by the Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit, which connects quickly and securely to the Azure cloud service platform.Just download the corresponding SDK, you can achieve with the Azure IoT platform docking.For people:Software / hardware product engineers, designers, project contractors, enthusiasts, start-ups and educational groups.Package Including1 * Main nucleus1 * TYPE-C USB Cable1 * Mount1 * Stickers1 * Manual10 * DuPont line