OSOYOO Mega 2560 Starter Kit for Arduino Hardware and Coding Learning with Tutorial

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Pattern Name:Super Luxury Starter kit for Arduino We have full tech support to assist you with setting Arduino, it's ideal for Arduino beginner & starter. For more Sample Code and DIY Project Tutorial, Pls go to the web: http://osoyoo.com/2016/08/11/arduino-v3-2/. 39 Projects for beginners: L1: What is Arduino? L2: Osoyoo UNO Board L3: Osoyoo Mega2560 Board L4: Osoyoo Uno vs Osoyoo Mega 2560 L5: Download and Install Arduino IDE L6: What is a Sketch and how does it work? L7: How to Install Additional Arduino Libraries L8: Hello World L9: Blink L10: LED L11: Eight of Flowing Water Light L12: PWM Control LED Brightness(Breathing Light) L13: Button L14: Buzzer L15: Potentiometer L16: Photoresistor L17: The Serial Monitor L18: I2C LCD1602 Display L19: TMP36 L20: One Digit 7-Segment LED Display L21: 4 Digit 7 Segment LED Display L22: 74HC595 L23: 74HC595 with one digit 7-segment led display L24: Digital Dice L25: Traffic Light Controller L26: IR RemoteControl L27: Stepper Motor L28: Stepper Speed Control L29: Servo L30: 8×8 LED Matrix L31: DHT11 Sensor L32: Tilt Sensor Module L33: 2-Channel Relay Module L34: Sound Detection Sensor L35: Hall Effect Sensor module L36: TCRT5000 IR Track Sensor L37: Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 L38: PIR Motion Sensor L39: IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Please check the package list as the picture 7.