DD-WRT Mega - Linksys WRT54G-RG with Heatsink Router Repeater Bridge USB VPN Ready WiFi WAN Wireless N Access Point AP [DD-WRT PREINSTALLED]

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Linksys WRT54G-RG w/ DD-WRTPackage Includes:*WRT54G-RG flashed with the best build of DD-WRT for the hardware *Ethernet Cable*AC Adapter 110V-240V worldwide compatibleSpecifications:*CPU- 200MHz*RAM- 32MB*Flash- 8MB**This item is for a WRT54G-RG router that has been flashed with DD-WRT firmware. This gives the router the features of a $600 router! Some of the most sought after features include: Output power adjustment (no need for an amplifier for long range) Overclocking (make the router handle heavier loads faster) Wireless bridging (use the router as a wireless bridge to connect a wireless network to a wired network) Repeater Mode (extend a network's range) Repeater Bridge (extend a network's wireless signal and create a wired network) Client Mode (connect the router to another network as a client, great for adding wireless capability to wired-only devices) Client Bridge (connect the router to another network and create a wired network) Access Point (create a wireless network to share an internet connection) These are practically the best wireless routers one can buy!