Belkin FireWire 6-Port Hub

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Product Description The latest innovation from Belkin delivers six, peer-to-peer FireWire ports that support data throughput of up to 400Mbps. Our new FireWire 6-Port Hub connects seamlessly with your FireWire DV camcorders, web cams, FireWire storage devices, scanners, printers, and other DV-compatible multimedia devices. The Hub also acts as a FireWire repeater, so you can place devicesup to an additional 15 feet (4.5 meters) from other connected FireWire peripherals. Connecting devices to the Hub using 6-pin to 6-pin FireWire cables enables them to draw power from the Hub, for even easier setup and operation. From the Manufacturer The Belkin FireWire Hub (F5U526-APL) delivers six peer-to-peer FireWire ports and supports data throughput of up to 400Mbps for fast, efficient information sharing. Ideal for use with FireWire-compatible devices including DV camcorders, FireWire storage devices, printers, and PS2 consoles, the Hub also acts as a FireWire repeater, so you can place devices up to an additional 15 feet apart. Connects Six Devices for Easy Data Sharing and Head-to-Head Gaming The Belkin FireWire 6-Port Hub delivers efficient file sharing with data transfers to and from your iPod, external storage drive, DV camcorder, printer, scanner, and other FireWire devices using its six 6-pin FireWire ports. This configuration enables you to connect up to six FireWire devices to your computer or each other. Beyond its no-nonsense handling of big file transfers like batches of high-resolution photos and HD videos, the FireWire Hub can also be used to connect multiple PS2 devices for head-to-head gaming. Supports Transfer Speeds of 100, 200, and 400Mbps The speed and dependability of FireWire technology keeps downloads, uploads, and game information moving seamlessly. The FireWire Hub features maximum transfer speeds of up to 400Mbps to optimize the performance of your latest, fastest accessories, but it's also compatible with older devices that have transfer speed capacities of 100 or 200Mbps. Two Convenient Power Modes Depending on your power needs, the FireWire Hub operates in either a self-powered mode that preserves the battery in your laptop, or in a bus-powered mode that eliminates the need for an extra open outlet--reducing the potential for cord tangles. In addition, when devices are connected to the FireWire Hub using FireWire cables, they can draw power from it for simplified system setup, device operation, and recharges. Repeater Feature Extends Operation Distance for Versatility The included FireWire repeater feature on the FireWire Hub extends the potential operation distance between your computer and your devices (or between two devices) by up to 15 feet (4.5 meters), which gives you more freedom in organizing devices in your office or media and gaming space. Maximum System Compatibility with OHCI Support For easy setup and hassle-free compatibility, the FireWire Hub supports the Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) standard, so it can be used by the OHCI FireWire drivers that come with all modern operating systems. The Belkin FireWire 6-Port Hub is backed by a lifetime warranty. What's in the Box FireWire 6-Port Hub, power adapter, and manual.